(Requests for new friends and friendly reminders for old.)

Clear Creek Farm & Schoolhouse plays host to many wonderful community building events.  It is our mission and our passion - and we are always happy to welcome you!

Most times, when the weather is fair (as it so often is on the Creek!), events take place outdoors and in the Schoolhouse.  Occasionally, the lower level of the Farmhouse is opened up for community gatherings. Please be aware that the farmhouse is a home and residence.  

When visiting outside the hours of of community events, kindly knock/announce yourself before entering the house.

We appreciate you parking in designated parking areas (not in the front yard) and being especially mindful of this when conditions are wet.

Thank you for avoiding the use of fragranced items (skin care, laundry detergents/softeners, and other products) when you attend events at the Farm and Schoolhouse.  Many in our community are highly sensitive to chemicals, including perfumes and "natural" fragrances.

Thank you for calling ahead or checking in with a resident when you stop by to collect spring water.  The water situation is a little tricky around here and we sometimes need to take extra care with the water flow from the outdoor spigots.

If you need access to the Schoolhouse or any other structures on the farm, please call ahead or check in with a resident prior to entering, dropping off or removing anything from the premises.

The indoor toilet is for sitting.  Standers,  please do your business outdoors.  If you do not know what this means, Phillip will be happy to fill you in next time you visit! ;)

Thank you for leaving your furry friends safe, comfortable and cared for at home.