You are invited to 1st Annual

Clear Creek Circle of Life Festival

1882 Hammond’s Fork Rd,  Disputanta KY
(606) 256-0820 

Some evening activities will occur outdoors. Please dress warmly and bring boots for a wet fall Kentucky walk. Please leave your pets at home.

Friday Nov 23rd

Noon: Arrival
2pm-4pm Private session – Please book with the Healers directly – see their offerings and contact below.
4pm: Practitioner Ceremony
6:30pm: Dinner, Bonfire and Music [bring a dish to share]

Saturday Nov 24th

10am-4pm  ~ 40 minutes Public Workshops ~ see Workshops and Practitioners below

  • Thai Massage
  • EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Herbalism plant medicine
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu, Acupressure
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Guided Meditation, Chanting
  • Yoga and more

4pm – 6pm   Evening Ceremony~   Healing Ourselves ~ Healing the Land 

  • Processional Walk to Ceremony Circle
  • Chants specially created for this Festival
  • Sacred Geometry Movement Circle

6:30pm – Midnight

  • Friend’s Giving Harvest Potluck [please bring a dish]
  • Open mic : share your favorite poem or song
  • Bonfire

Sunday Nov 25th

  • 10am  Sunday Coffee (Weekly social tradition at Schoolhouse)
  • Hugs and Kisses. See you next year!


Workshops and Practitioners

Andri Kukus       Massage and Craniosacral Therapist ~ Thrive Studios in Berea, KY
Workshop:    Intro to Cranial Sacral Therapy
Private Session:     859.582-6295
We will explore the Human Energy Field [HEF]and learn skills to strengthen your perception of the HEF. We will get acquainted with the underlying principles of the manual therapy called Craniosacral Therapy and a mindbody centering practice that uses the breath and primordial movements. Please visit and “like” Thrive Studios, Berea, KY on Facebook to see reveiws of her work.

Andrew Ozinskas   Master Herbalist and Wildcrafter
Workshop:       Shamanic Journeying
This will be a participation based workshop featuring a guided-meditation process which is nearly universal in shamanic cultures around the world. The instructor will play a simple drum beat to facilitate a deeper experience, while narrating a healing process through an upper-world journey.
Private Session: Herbal consults & spirit work including retrieval & extraction processes.  at $10 for 10 mins, $30 for 30 mins & so on

Kathy Tallichet     Jin Shin Jyutsu
Workshop:    Self-help methods for your own healing and Earth healing.

Margaret Waddell  Therapeutic Voice Guide
Workshop:    Introduction to Sound Healing. a “hands-on” presentation  with basic principles of sound healing.
Private Session:   Healing Sound lying down, supported, Margaret works intuitively with creator/ancestors/guides to connect with your higher self, bringing the gift of deep relaxation to your body, where healing can occur. Vibrations of singing, drumming, flutes and bowls move through your body accompanying you on a personal healing journey/discovery. $75 per person/one hour.
Therapeutic Voice sessions: standing, sitting, lying and moving, Margaret observes your alignment and breathing while singing, offering information, guidance, exercises and practice aimed toward effective and effortless, natural, pleasing production of sound. We can work on intonation, rhythm, harmony, songs, chants, self-esteem, perfectionism, etc. $55 per person/one hour.
Grief, Gifts and Community: support for, listening to, talking about, honoring your grief, guidance in grieving. From the perspective of Margaret’s late teacher, Sobonfu Somé, wisdom keeper of the Dagara tribe in Burkina Faso, whose existence is deeply rooted in interpersonal communication. Non-western activities and ideas about, grief and grieving can be very helpful. Individual and small-group work. Time-length varies. Contact Margaret to discuss compensation. 573-239-2845

Mary Ray    Massage Therapist, Herbalist and Acupuncturist in training
Workshop:    Introduction to Stones with Opposite Hand Journaling.
Private Session;     Mary offers massage, with moxa, cupping, gua sha, and Tai Yoga. I could be available. Also, I could lead in a meditation possibly.  I have been working on poetry and will continue to work on writing up to this visit. Contact for fee and appointment;

 Mollie Yunker        Certified BodyTalk Practitioner • Reiki Master • Intuitive
Workshop:    Self-healing through Intuition and tapping
Benefits include less stress, anxiety, reduced pain, and better relationships.
Your body holds your history: traumas, joys, beliefs. Your body has the answers for self-healing. With structured intuition, Mollie is trained to ask and listen to your Innate Wisdom, allowing for your body mind transformation. Contact Mollie for fee information.

Sacha Louise    Master Herbalist
Workshop:    Intuitive Plant Medicines
Private Session;     Sacha is a Master Herbalist who also develops insights through drum journeying. She will be offering guided drum meditations and/or a drum journey reading, followed by muscle testing different herbs that may help you on your healing and growing journey.
Private Session:
Sliding Scale $25-$45 per hour + $10 for herbs/tinctures/flower essences

Phil Feger         Master Astrologer
Workshop:   Astrological guidance in daily life
Private Session;     Investigate the planets currently speaking to you, and discuss past and future planetary influences. Using the language of astrology, we will synthesize coherent messages for you as you move through your life. Bring questions into the reading if you like. Fee: $1/minute
Private Session: or e-mail

Cheng Liu       Acupuncture Intern, Thai Massage
Workshop:       Thai Massage
This will be hands on and break into TWO sessions. We work in pairs and each person gets one session 45 minutes.  Cheng studied in two schools in Thailand and gives acupuncture treatments in her school’s clinic as a graduating intern. She also holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and a Masters in Electrical Engineering.
Private Session 774-257-8308

Jamie Hart
Workshop:       Ecstatic Dance / Body Movement

Breathitt Kelly
Workshop:       Psychedelic Drumming Meditation

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