Andrew Ozinskas – Herbalist and Wildcrafter
Andrew is a clinical herbalist, medicine maker, professional wildcrafter, and teacher/student of the natural mysteries. He is based on his family homestead in Owen County, KY and in the wild mountain highlands of West Virginia. Private Session: Herbal consults & spirit work including retrieval & extraction processes. at $10 for 10 mins, $30 for 30 mins & so on

Andri Kukas Massage and Craniosacral Therapist
Andri is a master of Cranial Sacral Therapy. In her class we’ll explore the Human Energy Field [HEF] and learn skills to strengthen your perception of the HEF. We will get acquainted with the underlying principles of the manual therapy called Craniosacral Therapy and a mindbody centering practice that uses the breath and primordial movements. Please visit and like Thrive Studios on Facebook to see reviews of her work. Private Session: 859.582-6295

Cheng Liu Acupuncturist and Computer Engineer
Cheng is an acupuncturist based in Florida and Central KY. She loves to integrate healing art with science, to share knowledge from her clinical experience, from thousands of hours studying Functional medicine and biochemistry, and most importantly, from healing herself out of 4 years digestive and autoimmune illness. Cheng holds three degrees in science and engineering, but she found happiness in foraging, basket weaving, and empowering one another with knowledge and love.
Private Session: Thai Massage $35 for 30 mins, $60 for an hour. Diet Nutrition and Functional Medicine consultation: $20 for half an hour 774-257-8308

Chris Smith – Nurse
Chris coordinates first aid for Whippoorwill and has taught wilderness first aid. As a Forest Council member of Kentucky Heartwood, he spends a lot of time hiking in remote locations. He has worked as an EMT, a nurse in the Emergency Department, and now for the Health Department. The opportunity to teach Wilderness First Aid represents a converging of these interests and he hopes to be able to empower people to feel safe and comfortable exploring wild places.

Daniel Todd Personal Trainer
Daniel has been a Wim Hof Method practitioner for 3 years, Reiki 3 teacher certification, and Certified past life regression Hypnosis. Daniel offers Reiki treatment $15 for 30 minutes 6069750348

Kathy Tallichet Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
Kathy is our hostress and very experienced in Jin Shin Jyutsu. She’ll teach self-help methods for your own healing and Earth healing.

Lauren Kallmeyer Herbalist
Lauren recently relocated to Madison County Kentucky, to set up a medicinal herb sanctuary and her herbalism business, Resilient Roots. She has a M.S. in Therapeutic Herbalism from Maryland University of Integrative Health, is a member of the American Herbalists Guild and United Plant Savers, and an organizer of The Kentucky Herbalism Alliance
Lauren will offer herbal consultation for women’s health, anxiety, stress, insomnia and related issues. Sliding scale $20-$50/hour (or $10-$25 for half hour) 859-322-7475

Margaret Waddell Master Voice Guide
Margaret Waddell grew up in a musical, yet dysfunctional family. She was fortunate as an infant to be acculturated to the language of music by her mom’s cousin who was a music teacher. With musical tools, Margaret figured out how to protect herself, emote, and navigate her way through life, love and grief. She is a self-ascribed Hummingbird (as she informed her 2nd grade class during a unit on careers) bringing the medicine of Joy through the release of Grief to many through her Hildegard of Bingen medieval chant concerts, Healing Sound concerts, Gathering of Song classes and Community Chanting for Peace events. Oh yeah…she also earned Bachelor and Masters degrees in Music as well as Music Teacher certification. She studied Healing Sound with Many People and Grief Work with Sobonfu Somé over a dozen years.
Private Healing Sound Journey: $75/60 min, $90/75 min, $105/90 min. Time includes 15 min. chat before and 15 min. processing after. 573-239-2845

Mary Ray Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist in training
Mary offers massage, with moxa, cupping, gua sha, and Thai Yoga. Also lead meditation. Private session:

Michelle Blair Sage The Tea Lady
Most folks call me Sage or Sage, the tea lady. I am not your typical massage therapist. I am very intuitive and I use this to my advantage to create a unique custom tailored healing session for my clients. I hold space for those whom need it & you will always find a pot of tea on and a warm water to brew up a custom blended tea for you. You have time to breath, sip a cup of tea, ask questions, get a feel for the space. Then, when your ready, we shall move forward to your session.
I studied Massage Therapy at Lexington Healing Arts in Lexington, Ky I graduated there in 2018 and got my license through the Kentucky Board Of Licensure. My Massage therapy license # is 244404. **I am gifted with Heilende Hande (translated healing hands in english). Hielende Hande is an old ancestral trait that has been gifted through my family line and nurtured when an elder took notice. This gift is also through Great Spirit, Mother Nature. Whom also guides, nurtures, and teaches over ones lifetime. Heilende Hande is more than just energy work. It is a healing that may or may not require touch. It is energywork, reflexology, massage, and more all rolled into one. The rythm or fluidness is controlled by the recipients energy and Mother Nature. The giver listens with more than just their ears, and meets the recipient where they are on their healing journey. This allows me to offer a healing space open to all. **Herbalist side of me. I am an intuitive herbalist and my skills, knowledge is passed down but also just known. This again has to do with my connection with Mother Nature. She guides my hands.

Mollie Yunker Certified BodyTalk Practitioner • Reiki Master • Intuitive
Mollie offers individual sessions and workshops focusing on your body, mind and spirit’s resolution and transformation. Mollie is trained to ask and listen to your Innate Wisdom. Your body holds your history: traumas, joys, beliefs, and the answers for self-healing. Using structured intuition she is guided to the energies and stories that are ready to be reduced or cleared. Benefits include less stress, anxiety, reduced pain, and better relationships.
Shift happens! Please visit and Like BodyTalkWorks on FB and Instagram.
See for testimonies, case studies and workshops.
Contact Mollie for fee information, group presentations, and workshops 502-550-2719

Olivia Immitt – Sound Healer
Olivia has learned the art of using sound and the science behind it at the Globe Sound Institute of San Francisco. She has been using this knowledge to help heal and balance her own body and nervous system for the past four years. She is amazed and inspired by the simplicity of sound and truly believes that it is a tool that everyone can benefit from. Her inspiration comes from a five year quest of wellness in her own self and was pleasantly surprised to find a very unexpected answer. She now desires to share these powerful yet approachable techniques with others.

Phil Feger Astrologer
Phil Feger is a professional astrologer and astrocartographer in Disputanta, KY. His website is Reading of Current energies in your Birth Chart: sliding scale $30-$50, or trade

Romi Kalova Yoga Therapist
Romi’s vision is to bring the heart of yoga and its true purpose as a way of finding happiness to you. Through variety of classes taught in the traditional alignment based Hatha Yoga style combined with elements of other traditions such as Iyengar, Kripalu, Tantra, Yin and Restorative Yoga and practice of pranayama, meditation and sound healing, Yoga with Romi is here to help you to learn the art of expanding the horizon of awareness by learning about the body and mind, accepting its limits and learning how to love every moment you find yourself in. In all classes taught by Romi you will find some of the aspects of therapeutic yoga or yoga as a healing journey. With her background as a certified professional yoga therapist she teaches in the spirit of the original meaning of the word therapy – “caring for the self”. Romi has studied yogic techniques including the science of chakras and tantra yoga, meditation, the healing power of mudras (hand gestures), and the profound effects of chanting and mantra yoga. In 2015 she was led to visit India and in the traditional ashram setting in Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga. She studied Sanskrit, Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound), Bhakti (Yoga of Devotion), advanced subjects of mantra, and tanpura – the traditional indian string instrument. She became certified in the Heart of Sound -the world’s first 200 hour yoga teacher training based entirely on the transformational power of sound. Yoga With Romi

Sacha Louise Herbalist
Sacha Louise is a heart centered messenger here to offer guidance on your path. Find out more information on her website at Private Intuitive Reading and Guided Meditation Sliding Scale $50-$100 or Gift Exchange

Breathitt Kelly Musician and Teacher

Zack Kouns – Herbalist, lecturer, Fermentation missionary, ecumenical journalist, bandleader, performer, author and composer.
He has been transfixed by fermented foods ever since he had his first bubbly, drink of Smreka in a tiny Bosnian village many years ago and began his experiments with the microbial and bacterial world soon after. This journey of food preservation has led him to incorporate foraging, another passion of his, into the ferments that he works with to create truly wild medicinal fermented foods