Mark your calendar! The second Circle of Life Festival will happen Friday November 29 till Sunday Dec 1st. It’s always the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Workshop:  We have many new and returning teachers offering exciting workshop such as Breathwork, biohacking, Herbal and edible plants, Functional Medicine, Sound healing, Laughter Yoga and more. See 2019 workshop description below and teachers bio here.

General schedule

  • Saturday: Gates open at 9AM, Morning circle followed by Workshops 10am to 4pm; 6PM – Healing Ceremony and Potluck; Evening Concert! Bonfire and Sky Lantern ceremony!
  • Sunday: Workshops 9am to 4pm, closing with Sound Yoga.
  • Throughout Saturday and Sunday: private treatment/consultation

Private Treatment: Practitioners will offer low cost treatment, like $20 for Functional Medicine consultation, and Cranial Sacral, Massage and a whole array of modalities. You book with the practitioners directly (their schedule and contact will be posted.), or use the signup sheet at festival.

Food and Lodging: There will be a vendor on site! We still organize and encourage Potluck like last year, but now people have an option to buy simple breakfast, lunch and dinner for $5-10.  Camping is included in your ticket, and we’ll post local hotels and lodging options.

Tickets: Sliding scale $30-50. Online tickets sale starts in September, and we can take credit card, cash or check at the gathering. All children get free admission. As many of you know, past events have been free or donation-based. We’ll never refuse someone for the lack of money – If you know someone may benefit from coming but can’t afford – contact us for work trade or other arrangement. We like to say “Be generous and affordable”!

Theme: All that logistics out of the way, here’s the important stuff! 🙂 Our theme for this event is

~ Collective Consciousness ~
Self Healing Skill ~ Healing the Earth

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Shamanic Journey – Andrew Ozinskas
This will be a participation based workshop featuring a guided-meditation process which is nearly universal in shamanic cultures around the world. The instructor will play a simple drum beat to facilitate a deeper experience, while narrating a healing process through an upper-world journey.

Intro to Cranial Sacral Therapy Andri Kukus
We will explore the Human Energy Field [HEF]and learn skills to strengthen your perception of the HEF. We will get acquainted with the underlying principles of the manual therapy called Craniosacral Therapy and a mindbody centering practice that uses the breath and primordial movements. Please visit and “like” Thrive Studios, Berea, KY on Facebook to see reviews of her work.

Zhineng Qigong (Wisdom Healing Qigong) Chris Smith
Wisdom Healing is the most widely practiced form of qigong in the world. On Sunday morning, we will learn the first level of this system, called Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down. Once learned, this simple form can be practiced in just a few minutes every day, serving to integrate the body’s conscious and unconscious innate healing processes.

Functional Medicine for the Modern Healer Cheng Liu
While our heart and principle are holistic, healing in today’s world require up to date knowledge and tools. This workshop will help herbalists and holistic healers to:

  • Recognize hidden epidemics and common environmental stressors, as the root cause for many chronic illness (without removing stressors like mercury from amalgam, no amount of herb or acupuncture will restore health);
  • Order your own lab tests, including When to do genetic testing and what’s the deal with methylation/MTHFR;
  • Demystify digestive disorders such as Leaky Guts/SIBO/Candida/Parasite (without addressing the things like biofilm, no amount of probiotics will stick);
  • Educate ourselves of common medications, Herb-drug interaction. Hands on demo of cheap home devices for clinician, such as Glucose monitor.
  • Achieve next level of healing and a thriving mentality, using cutting edge tools from Anti aging research, Athlete performance researches, and Biohacking movement

Thai Massage Cheng Liu
Hands on practice of this “Lazy man’s yoga”. We work in pairs. Cheng is trained in two schools in Thailand.

Wim Hof Breathwork Danny Todd
Contrasting Wim Hof Method breathing with Yogic box breath and guided meditation

Herbs for winter wellness Lauren Kallmeyer
Herbalist Lauren Kallmeyer will teach you how to use herbs to strengthen your immune and nervous systems in preparation for the winter season. We’ll cover:
Ways to add immune boosting herbs to your meals
How to ward off colds with Oxymels, a traditional herbal combination of vinegar and honey
Herbal superstars for Seasonal Affective Disorder and mood support

An Exploration of Community-Supported Grieving Margaret Waddell
Margaret will share principles, ideas, information and practices of the Dagara tribe of her beloved late teacher, Sobonfu Somé…the What and the Why of grief work in these times we’re living in. Besides discussion, this will also be a “hands-on”, process-oriented safe space experience…the How in the Now, for those of us touched by Grief…or Curious (All of Us).
Adding a Healing Sound (Vibrational Medicine) Component to Your Self-Care Practice Margaret Waddell
Margaret will share various ways of understanding how sound vibrations, music, even lyrics affect the Wellness of our BodyMindSpirit selves and why it’s important to spend time vibrating, alone and with others. We may play with Elemental Listening, Homeopathic Sound, and Musicking or Musicing (verb), the act of engaging in music-making with others…in one word.

Sound Meditation / How Sound Effects Us Olivia Immitt
Sound creates, disperses, and transforms. Matter is literally held together by sound and can so too be broken up by it. Come learn and experience the power of sound and how to use it in your everyday life.

Finding Your Divine Role: Asteroid Goddesses in Astrology Phil Feger

A Journey into Love and Forgiveness Sacha Louise
Receive a guided meditation to find the source of where forgiveness and love is needed in your life to help set you free

Jin Shin Jyutsu Kathy Tallichet
Self-help methods for your own healing and Earth healing.

Special presentation of Sound Yoga Romi Kalova
Romi has studied yogic techniques including the science of chakras and tantra yoga, meditation, the healing power of mudras (hand gestures), and the profound effects of chanting and mantra yoga. In 2015 she was led to visit India and in the traditional ashram setting in Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga. She studied Sanskrit, Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound), Bhakti (Yoga of Devotion), advanced subjects of mantra, and tanpura – the traditional indian string instrument. She became certified in the Heart of Sound -the world’s first 200 hour yoga teacher training based entirely on the transformational power of sound.

Special presentation of Sound Yoga Romi Kalova

A Trip Around The World With Wild Fermentation Zack Kouns
In this class we will discuss how different cultures use simple but remarkably innovative techniques to preserve the nutritive quality and create radical new flavor profiles through the process of wild fermentation.

Herbs For Sexual Health Zack Kouns
This class will feature a frank and mature discussion about sexuality, the role it plays in our mental and physical well being and highlight some herbs that we can incorporate to intensify and prolong our sexual experience.