We’re a diverse homestead, community and education center nestled in the Clear Creek Valley near Berea, KY.  Where we call home, is four hundred acres of deciduous forests, hollers, spring-fed streams, and open bottom-land, where the foothills of the Appalachians rise above the bluegrass.  Home is also the wonderful people living on this land – inter-generational community of about ten, ranging in age from 1 year to 70, and the larger tribe in the Clear Creek region where like minded individuals are creating new villages and paradigms of living in harmony with land.

We garden extensively and preserve a tremendous amount of food using techniques including fermentation, dehydration, freezing, canning, salt-curing, cheese-making, etc, and eat from the bounty of the land through the year. We hope for visitors and WWOOFers who are excited about becoming part of a place by eating from the land and drinking from the pure spring water that flows from the hills on our tap! Our community also includes enthusiastic foragers, and there are opportunities to connect with the edible and medicinal plants of these incredibly biodiverse Appalachian Foothills.

In addition to our work around community food resiliency, we also host numerous public events in our hundred-year-old schoolhouse-turned-venue. This space is home to concerts, theatrical performances, art shows, potlucks, workshops, spoken word nights.  Not a week goes by that residents and guests don’t enjoy some music jams, tasty food, and good conversations!

You can continue to read our full statements here,  but it may be more interesting to hear what others say about us:

“I enjoyed my experience at Clear Creek Community Schoolhouse so much that my scheduled one week stay turned into two weeks, and then I even extended a second time giving me a three week stay. It becomes apparent almost immediately that there is so much to learn here, from the residents as well as the surrounding community. In just my three weeks I got a look into leather working, weaving, basket making, herbalism, and log cabin building. Along with building upon those crafts, I also thoroughly developed my skills as a gardener here. Adam is an enthusiastic and well-read permaculturalist and merrily shares his knowledge through out the work day, making the work exchange feel well worth it. It’s important to note that this is a community space, and there are many fun events here every week. From potlucks to Kirtans, music shows to jams and open mics, there is plenty of fun all the time. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here, I felt that I drastically developed as a person and felt just ridiculously relaxed. The people are as warm and welcoming as could ever be. I can’t recommend this place enough, really.”  – Kdsterna, WWOOFer

“Clear Creek is an AMAZING place to WWOOF. I was here about a month in 2016. Everyone was laid back and welcoming, as well as knowledgeable. There are some really neat projects going on not only at the Schoolhouse but also in the nearby area. Natural building, no-till gardens, and talks of intensely grazed animals this year. They are walking the walk. There is a big community of people in and around Berea that frequent the Schoolhouse for weekly art, music, and community gathering events. So you are out of town when you’re there, but also not all alone. The food we ate was delicious with conscious/local/garden ingredients. And the property is so beautiful. Waterfalls nearby!” – Former WWOOFer

“If you are looking for a getaway to a country farm which focuses on growing organic produce this is a perfect little haven to unwind with organic flowers and vegetable gardens all around nestled in the mountains. The farmhouse where the room is located has a rich history which dates back around 150 years; the room itself feels like a tree house. Lots of light flows in through the windows. We were lucky enough to be there on a Saturday night when they hosted a play about local ecology. The hosts are a community of individuals that love to share their passion of food and gardening. We suggest taking a garden tour while there. They allowed us to purchase some delicious produce fresh picked by their chef and head gardener – the best salad and pears we’ve ever had!”  – Ryan,  AirBnB guest